Thursday, June 25, 2015

Fellowship with God & Each Other 
Mission Moment for June 26, 2015

We have an idea of what fellowship usually means.  We label rooms as Fellowship Hall and this is where cookies and coffee is served.   Fellowship is not just casual conversation.  Fellowship is being accepted as part of the body of believers.  It is the opportunity to connect with each other.  Some of fellowship may be general chitchat.   Some may be conversations around health or spiritual matters.  Whatever the case, fellowship when practiced best, means that people are connected and cared for.
It would be hard to imagine us having cookies and coffee with God.  One would think the questions and answers would be significantly deeper.   We can have fellowship by asking God to join us in our daily journey.  We can certainly use prayer to connect.  We can also ask God to celebrate with us as well.  Fellowship also includes everyone.  This means we look for ways to bring people into caring conversations and invite God to walk with us.
How can prayer be a conversation with God?

What person or persons could we deepen our relationships with?

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Katherine Miller said...

Using the words of the text, in several sentences, I want my church to share the Good News, that Good News gives promise as to why it is Good. I am so blessed that I have access to His Word, can speak to Him directly. He chose me and all to receive His love as He wants us to be his children forever. His Word tells me that He bestows his Grace freely to all who repent. The peace of His glorious act to make that forgiveness possible, He has made known to me in His Word. He will gather us all as He has promised to everlasting life with Him - assured, marked, sealed, by the blood of the Lamb. It is my task as part of the 'body of Christ' to advance my church as a place to learn the means of Grace promised to us all and share my testimony in a loving, sharing, prayerful and caring way.
The participation in church and especially adult Bible study expands our daily walk and understanding of God's Word. Fellowship with fellow Christians is a very uplifting and supportive part of church, spiritually and socially; this gives us a sense of accountability to one another as well as to the Lord.