Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mission Moment:  Cultural Context

People have said that our culture is more like the book of Acts than any moment in recent history.   I am not sure about that because in the book of Acts, Christianity was an unknown religion.   The church had to go out into the world to spread the Gospel.  They had no other choice.  In our culture, people have an idea of what Christianity means, good or bad.   There are lots of assumptions such as the church only wants money to support itself or that the church is only for good people.  

Lutherans have a great theology bound by two words, Christ and Grace.  Christ’s does the work, and Grace we receive as a gift.   At issue is that people do not understand or fail to see how much God loves them.  It is hard to understand Grace in a world measured by what you do, right or wrong.  Maricopa Lutheran has done a great job of attracting Lutherans that have moved into the area.   We must celebrate and continue to embrace our Lutheran church people.  At the same time, can we imagine being a place that is so exciting and intriguing that non-Lutherans will come and check us out?

People are less concerned these days about denominations and more concerned about being fed by God’s word and being transformed.   What can we do to connect all people in our community?   What would you like to see happen that would help make Maricopa Lutheran stand out even more?

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