Thursday, August 20, 2015

Mission Moment for August 21st, 2015
In the book of Acts Christianity is a fledging new religion.   We can learn much from this book on how to do mission in 2015.   The new church did two very important things.  They gathered in community to focus on their faith.  They prayed and did communion with one another.  They grew in their love for each other.   This movement than extended out into the community.   Where they saw need, they loved.  It is this “love” that made people curious.  What is this Jesus and this “love” all about?
Today we can talk about transformation.  We certainly need to work on our personal transformation and MLC’s transformation.  But there is a third transformation, that of our community.   What does Maricopa need?   We have folks involved with food pantry, library and some help out at school.   It would be nice to have the Women’s Shelter open up, so we could help out there as well.   We have our sponsorship of our scouts, Pack which is grades 3-5th, and Troop which is 6th-12th.   We also help people with general needs in the community.
My challenge is finding more people to get involved.  I am the only MLC person connected right now with Scouts.  They meet on Tuesday nights.   If there are people out there with scouting in their background, or a simple love for children, you have an opportunity to get involved.   Please let me know.  
Secondly, where else can we serve in the community?   Can we be ambassadors for the city?   Can we attend school board meetings?   I am sure there are many community needs and I just ask you to open your eyes to those needs.  Once needs are identified, we can search for people who have a passion for that need.  Secondly, the challenge is to step up and get involved in some way.  
“We love because he first loved us”

Any thoughts on this matter please respond!