Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Finding Our Way Again by Brian Mclaren

Chapter One Searching for Everyday Sacredness

Page 3 "I think it's because Buddhism presents itself as a way of life, and Christianity presents itself as a system of belief.  So I would want to get Christian ministers thinking about how to rediscover their own faith as a way of life because that's what people are searching for today.  That's what they need the most"

Page 3
Without a coherent and compelling way of life, formed in community and expressed in mission, some of us began losing interest in the system of belief.

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Sue said...

Food for thought on Finding Our Way Again:
The best argument against Christianity is Christians - when they are somber and joyless, when they are self-righteous and smug - then Christianity dies a thousand deaths. Sheldon Vanauken in A Severe Mercy.

Quote from Peter Marty in the October issue of The Lutheran - "Our vocation is not to worry about everyone else's souls. It is rather to live the Christian life in such a compelling way that others will be unable to resist exploring a way of life where they evidence Christ dwelling deep within. There is a reason that Jesus' final words before going up into that cloud were so strong: 'You will be my witnesses. To the ends of the earth.' In a world where God is often a hobby and Christianity can get treated as an embarrassment, dependable and winsome witnesses are crucial."